From Germany.. Helmut & Alfons/Klaas

                                                      The most Prized one loft family in the World !

 We are the American agent.

      Breeder of    2007 1st World Ace Challenge Race $300,000    1st Sun City African  Race $200,000 

         2011 1st and 13th   Sun City African Race   over  $200,000

       Again ....... 2013  Equal 1st and 3rd clock bird Sun City African Race 

 Now in America:                                         


" Breeders Edge "  BB/C  392 00507 DV 09  Bred the No.1 2011 Ace Y/B for Alfons Klaas  in one of the biggest Combines of all Germany  With 750 breeders and  33461 birds competing for this award. Now also Sire of 1st drop in the 2012 Ca. Classic one loft race.  " He is bred from A Gr. Son of foundation cock " Pantani "   when matted to a direct daughter of Pantani "  The over all Sun City African race winner was also bred from a son of " Pantani " His full sister " Diana " bred the 2007 Sun City African Race Winner. Birds from this blood line are price less.. Up Date ... Just in.    A son of " Breeders Edge " Bred the Best of 5 birds sent by Alfons Klaas to the Romania Black Sea One Loft Race  Equal first Hot Spot Race .

" Blue Horizon ' 962 0507 DV 10 and Sister " Blue Lady " 961 0507 DV 10 Both birds are Full Bro. and Sister of " Victor "   the 2011 Sun City African Race Winner in one of the hardest races they have had Only 50 birds clocked in the day. The klaas family are not just your average birds. they have won more top prizes in the biggest one loft races in the world. Up Date  Our  " Blue Horizon " is now the Gr. Sire of the Car Winner in 2014 SAMDPR

 " King of Arona  "  BB/C  1272  0507  DV 11    His full sister " Nina " Flying over water from Island to Island Won 1st over all plus First Hot Spot than again won e 1st plus 2nd Hot Spot  2 weeks later. " Nina " and " King of Arona " both come from the same blood line that won the 2007 World Ace Challenge Race and the 2007 South African Race winner bred by Alfons Klaas. 

 " Big Bucks "  BB/C  772 0507 DV 12  His 2 sisters have won over $400,000 in the SAMDPR  The Biggest One loft Race in The World. The Sire of " Big Bucks "   sister won 1st. SAMDPR $200,000 Bred from Direct son " Pantani "  " Big Bucks " Dam's sister also Won the 2007 SAMDPR $200,000  Bred from " Diana " Full sister of " Pantani "  Both Top Klaas Breeders are the foundation birds for Alfons and Helmut  Klaas.


 " Frowline " BB/H  87 03273 DV 07     With Her Golden Eggs Bred from the Top Money winners in the World. Sire:  1055 05679 DV 06  Full brother 06 World Ace Challenge Winner  $ 300,000  Dam:  Full sister " Konstanantin  First Prize Winner 07 South African Race  Won $ 200,000 She sold for $27,000  " Frowline " Possibly the best Klaas breeding hen in America. In 2012 we had the 1-2-3 Ace Pigeons of all Ca.  Two out of the three were bred from " Frowline "  with 2 different cocks. One of her  Sons also  Won 1st Comb. at the 500m station arriving close to 36 minutes out front. With still another third cock mother of the only BCC  Nr. Sec. 600m day Bird.      What A Hen !

 " My Fair Lady " 1460 0507 DV 13  Her Sire " Der Alfonso " 16 0507 DV 00 One of the current foundation cocks when matted to Full Sister of Birdy " 210 6503-06 The best ever record bird in the African racer.  " My Fair Lady 's " full brother is also the 1st bird clocked for Klaas in this years African Race . Same bird also 4th Ace bird from 9000 birds sent in four the race. Dam: of " My Fair Lady " Direct daughter of original foundation cock  De 180 Gr. Sire of  both 2007 and  2011  1st over all African Race winner. Total winnings of both years over $400,000 


Also breeding from a few other top Klaas Imports. All Hand select while I visit German every year.

Place your order today from Direct German Imports bred by Alfons Klaas  or youngsters ready for breeding from our select klaas Imports . 

 Prices from direct Klaas imports range from $300 up to $2500 Each.      ALEX BIECHE  Ph . 707 410 6604