" Bieche " America's winning family

                                          Our Bieche Family have set and broken race records all over the country. 

                                                           Our goal ! A family of birds that I can send week after  week.

                                                                         10 Weeks straight and score from 100m to 550m .

                  Over the last 23 years we have imported Birds from "  Verbruggen "  W. Vanhoutte " Schellens  " and a few  "Janssen's.

                  After many years of trial and error only the very best from each of these families have been blended together to form our own Bieche Family.

                  In the last 17 years birds from our Bieche family have recorded for us our clients and friends 25 Ace Pigeons in total and 9 of these were also

                 No.1 Ace Pigeon of all America. Either in the  Digest awards, AU Awards or of all  California.

                 In 2009 our " Mr. Dependable " Won 1st Ace pigeon all Ca. 1st Ace Pigeon Digest awards.1st  Ace AU Pigeon of all America.  

                                                                                    1st.Hall of fame winner of all America.

              2013  " Madona "  1st Ace Pigeon in her class " Digest "Awards. 1st Ace Pigeon all Ca. with 800 members.

                 2014    1-2-4  AU Hall of Fame  Pigeons of All America all go back to our " De Baron " Foundation cock in the pedigree.

                Raced and bred by Nesler Boyz.

               Yours in the Sport      Alex and Cindy Bieche  Ph 707 - 410 6604