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Now in America.

 A very select group of " Gunter Prange "  Janssen's of Germany. All our Prange Imports go directly back to his

Foundation cock " Ringlose " 02098-95-12  Having No Equal  Over 5 years Offspring  3 x No.1 Ace pigeons of all Germany

  Now also G.G Gr. Sire of Cannery Islands race winner 2013  Final Race 180 M from Island to Island.

The " Ringlose " Blood line well be kept pure and also introduced to our own Bold Ruler Janssens.  

Our " Prange " Real Deal "  Cock 534 03902 DV 13 is highly inbred to " Ringlose " His dame is a direct daughter of " Ringlose " when matted to his own best producing daughter.

  See more details and breeding record of " Bold Ruler " below 






" Bold Ruler " 100 % Janssen
 In bred " De 64 " 
 From  Tini Van Herpen 


Our One and Only " Bold Ruler " 95 NL 2226645

One of the best Janssen Breeders in America today.

Please check out his breeding record.

100 % Janssen  and  In Bred " De 64 "

" De 64" Cock was selected as the Best Janssen Breeder in the World by Piet DeWeerd.

" Bold Ruler " is responsible for well over 200 First.  We do not have room for club results but instead have listed his remarkable winners.

Only the very top prized winners In Over All Combine- Ace Pigeons -Money Races and World Wide Competition have been listed. 

With his breeding record he is one of the very best Janssen import to ever come to America.


" BOLD Ruler's "   Off -Spring 

         1996  His First two youngsters were both  First  futurity Winners
         1997 "My Cindy"    No. 1 ACE PIGEON of ALL AMERICA
         1998  Nest-mate to " My Cindy " won first over all Louisiana Classic race.
         1998  Nest mates  1042 and 1043 Won 3 Equal 1st.Comb. up to 1324b.
         1998  1st. 98 Y/B  Ca. State Hall of Fame winner 1800 members.
         1999 Gr. Daughters Won 8th & 16th over all  A. U. Race The only American  Breeder two Win 2 of the Top 16 prizes. Close to 2000 birds entered
        2000  Daughter bred  2nd. Ace pigeon of All America I.F. O/B's Richard Clark
        2001  2 More daughters  Won Equal First Bay City Comb. close to 1000p
        2002  1st. and 3rd. Ace pigeon Hawaii Comb.            

        2002  2nd Ace Pigeon New Orleans Comb. bred from a daughter.       

       2002 1st. OR. State  Hall of Fame Winner bred by Gary Brade                  

       2003  China's Victor Yin purchased top pigeons around the world . His top Y/B's 2 years in a row are bred from a Son of " Bold Ruler "

       2004 Dave Fenn wines 1st club and 1st.Comb. plus Mike Maileys of LA. won 1st club   and 1st. Comb. 600m with a Gr. daughter of the same hen. 

       2004  1st. Ace pigeon of All America Digest awards. " I'm The Fire"     03 Bieche 3108   1st. 2108 b   1st. 2099 b   2nd. 1795 b  3rd. 739 b  9th. 1183 b                             

       2005 1st and 2nd Ace Pigeon of all Oregon  Both birds bred from a daughter of " Bold Ruler "  No.1 bird 05 VLJ 5186 also won 1st. Oregon trail futurity.                                            

      2005 Great Southern Classic 4 Birds on the drop 2 of the birds were nest mates bred by Dick Weber from  a Son of " Bold Ruler "                                                                                      

     2005  Gene Tenbrink of Ca. first year flying wines close to $40,000 in the money races with birds bred down from " Bold Ruler "                                                                                     

     2006  1st. Drop Ca. Convention Race 06 TCH 1197  Bred By G. Tenbrink down from " Bold Ruler "  Plus   06 Bie 6072  1st Ca. Ace Pigeon  2006 Y/B's  1200 members  

     2007   1st. A.U. Ace Pigeon All America 0038 Gene Bred and raced by Gene Tenbrink From daughter " Bold Ruler "   

    2008  0/B's No.1 Ace Pigeon Greater New Orleans  Combine . Raced by Vic Corso   

     2009  Reg AU Champion" Blue Lady " from Morningside loft of Texas  Gr. Dau. " Bold Ruler "

    2010 Down from " Bold Ruler "  1st Final 400m World Ace Challenge Race       Plus  2010 e 1st Ca. Classic Race Race.

    2011 Race records just keep on coming in. Bill Sneal of Missouri reported a 6 x 1st from 100m up to 400m

     bred down from our " Breeders Best "  04 Bie 4111 Cock  A direct Son of " Bold Ruler "

    2011 First Average speed Winner Sierra Ranch One Loft Race over 650 birds sent in from top American Breeders.

    2012 First Average speed winner Ca. Classic one loft race.

    2013  $28,000 Won in the Canadian Trifecta Race by Gene Tenbrink  Dam. Goes back to " Bold Ruler " 


          With the incredible breeding record of " Bold Ruler " You can see why without question

         he is one of the very best Janssen breeders in America today.

  " Bold Ruler " Is now gone but not forgotten . His Offspring with his winning DNA are breeding our winners of today.