Leo Heremans Family


We have only a very few select Leo Herman Imports.  But quality over quantity dose matter to us. 

 No.1 cock  " Hercules "  B-13- 6306871 His Sire : 1st Ace Pigeon Y/B's Half-fond

 4/ 1525b  6/ 116b  8/ 1390b   11/ 484b   23/ 1185   30/ 1690b  39/ 682    52/ 800b   77/1625b  

Gr. Sire : Daughter of Golden Ace 14 x 1st  1st Nat. Fond KBDB 2006

Dam: Of " Hercules "  is a direct daughter of Hermans " New Oympiade " Sold on Pipa 210.000 Euro When matted to full sister of " Safier " Cock and his mate are the top breeding couple in the World sold for 270.000 Euro . As you can see all the top Herman's blood line in our " Hercules "  cock.

No.2 Cock " Mike Tyson " 0911-11-994  His Sire: Euro- Olymp. From Son Olympiade matted to Daughter " Den Euro "

No.3 Cock  " De 1126 " Sire: " Son Di Caprio The current No.1 Breeding Cock for Van Dyck  when matted to Daughter Kannibaal

Dam: " Fantasja " No.1 Hen all Germany Sold on Pipa $71,500 Kannibaal / Klein Dirk / Schellens


No.1 Hen " Lightning Bolt "  B-13-5019163  A once in a life time hen and worth her weight in Gold. To get this hen the bidding was fast and furious between China and myself . Back and forth for over 1/2 hr.

Welcome to America " Lightning Bolt "

 Her Sire: B-11-5157267 Back to Hermans Blood Line Parents and Gr. Parents 3rd Ace Pigeon all Belg.2002

Plus 5th Ace Pigeon all Belg. 2000 Total combined  40 x 1st   

Dam:  B-12 - 6123199  Full sister " Bolt " The highest price bird ever sold over $400,000


Only a select few Y/B's well be sold in 2015 If interested place your order today .



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