De Rauw Sablons Family

Question ! Are all Sablons the same. Absolutely not.  Certain lines seem to be in a class of there own. For example  " Lucky 848 "  Bak 17 " But even more importantly there is one hen " Miss Joice " from Marcel Aelbrecht that is without question the very best of the Sablon family producing big one loft race winners.

Descendants " Miss Joice " B-05-4130439

1. Nat. Acebird long distance

       2. Final Race Million Euro Spring

         8. One Million Euro Race Shanghai

   10. Grand Pigeon Race Thailand

   12. Grand Pigeon Race Thailand

          33. SAMDPR 2013 Only 53 day birds

        45. One Miliion Euro Race Shanghai

A New 2015 SAMDPR  Race Record   Son of " Miss Joice " Bred 4 birds in the top 100 (  17. 28. 49. 95  )


In the last few years we have spared no expense to get the very best of the " Miss Joice  Blood line. Our Key breeders go back to " New Bak 17 " B- 07- 4373754  Possibly the best of the Bak 17 line  He sold on Pipa for 110 Euro  Matted to " Miss Joice " Sold on Pipa for 62.400 Euro  So  this pair represents over $200,000 US dollars.

Our Imports come from Sons of this " Wonder Pair " matted back to hens direct from Sons of Miss Joice matted to full daughters of " Miss Joice "

We also have a few select Sablon Imports that are loaded with " Lucky 848 "and " Bak 17 " on both sides.

So if you want just another Sablon....... Sorry we do not have them.

But on the other hand if you don't mind spending a little extra to get the best than keep us in mind.    

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