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Karel Schellens

In 1991 Heinz Meier a personal German friend of mine for over 25 years purchased the entire foundation Schellens  breeders. While at the home of Karl Schellens

 he told Heinz Meier and I that one of the pairs he called the  " De Poot " pair bred his best birds in the last two years and to be sure to keep this pair  together. 

Today  both Heinz Meier,s foundation cock " Zucht-Ass " 499 09711 DV 95  and our Bieche Lofts " Warlord " 551 09711 DV 96 are both direct sons

of the Karl Schellens " De Poot Pair.

 Due to our close friendship with Heinz Meier, I was personally  asked by Heinz to grade all the Schellens breeders.

and also paired several of the key Schellens breeders together to save the family as a whole . In exchange I received birds from the same matting's. 

With sadness  Heinz passed away May  2010   At this time our Schellens are as close to the originals as it gets.

 Our Schellens Fly to win. In Y/B's  Bill Tadlock has won over $225,000 in the one loft races. All down from his Bieche 6060 Schellens Hen.

O/B's  1st Ace Hen AU all America 2007   1st Ace Pigeon 2009 Digest Plus 1st Ace Pigeon all America.

 Hot off the Press !   2014 O/B'S  AU Mid. Distance Award ....Our " Black Power " Schellens hen Won 2nd AU Hall of fame Pigeon of all America again. In 2013 she was the 4th Hall of fame winner. This award is very hard to win. Race records over a 2 year period are used rather than just one year in the case of the Ace Pigeon awards. 

 Prices range from $300 to $2,000 ea.

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