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A little information about us and our Birds

                  The sport of Racing pigeons has truly been a blessing to both my wife Cindy and  I . Through the Pigeon Sport we have made a circle of close friends,

                  both at home and abroad. Wanting to give back to the sport I have written many articles for the Racing Pigeon Digest. Also wanting to be one of the

                  best in our field and setting yearly realistic goals we have bred and raced several No.1 Ace Pigeon awards of all America. From 1997 through 2014 

                  Our own Bieche family of birds have won for us and our friends a total of  26 No.1 Ace Pigeon awards  { In either Combine, Ca State or of All America } 

                  9 of them  also won the title of No.1 Ace Pigeon of all America { Racing Pigeon Digest or the AU Awards in our class }

                  Wanting only the best we have spent close to $100,000 in the last 7 years purchasing World Class Imports from the top families of the World.

                   "  H&A Klaas "  "  Leo Heremans "  " De Rauw  Sablon "  "  Schellens "  " G. Prange "  " Blue Dream "  " Goovaerts Grizals "    

                                                                      For more information on our new Imports go to our front page and click on there names for highlights.

Orders can be best placed by phone (707) 410-6604 with a 25% deposit.

Yours in sport, Alex and Cindy Bieche