Now on DVD The Bieche Young Bird System


 Up Date... Using our Y/B system   Again the 2009 No.1 AU Ace Pigeon of All America and the No.1 AU Hall Of Fame winner of All America.

Are you wanting to win Y/B races but just don't have the proper time because you are still working for a living?

The Bieche Y/B System is now available on DVD. Better than the Light or the Dark System and designed for the working man.

We have used the dark and the light systems for several years and received some favorable results. 

After using our new system we showed a great improvement by  Winning 1-2-3-4 Ace Pigeon Y/B's  of All America Digest Awards.

Plus having the 1st Ace pigeon in old birds the following year. Now Sold in 9 different countries.

With one year of filming our DVD covers everything from A to Z including our new Y/B motivation system we used. 

Top American Results using our Bieche Y/B System

 2007 1st and 4th Ace pigeon of al America  1st 07 AU Hen of all America 

2008 2nd AU Hall of Fame plus 7th Ace Pigeon of all America   Bill Hill of Texas.

2008 and 2009  2nd best AU  Y/B  loft of all America Steve Sterchi of Ca.

2009  Hawaii OAHU Federation. by Sidney Lum  1st through 20 birds from 1017 pigeons 

than  1st -12 from 1054 pigeons   Plus 1st -19 pigeons 961 pigeons

2009  1st AU Y/B Ace Cock of all America  plus 1st Hall of Fame Cock of all America   Bieche Lofts

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