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Selecting  Breeders can be a helpful tool and save you years of time and money.

The selection of Breeders from the top lofts of the world, using our 6 Common Denominator Grading System has saved our clients years of time and money. Worldwide, this system is second to none.  Just one example ............In 1998 we selected a Super Janssen cock for one of our German clients. This same cock is now the Sire of  Marcel Sangers " Eagle Eye "  2000  No.1 Ace pigeon of  Holland  40.000 Lofts Vredsduif competition ( One day Races ) up to 450 miles. Please also see our Testimonial page what our birds have done for use and  for our clients.  There are flyers who still pay graders to select their stock, using a system that possibly was best 25 years ago.  To assume there is no better system of selecting breeders today is simply crazy. With this same reasoning you may as well go out and buy a black and white TV today, thinking it's still the top of the line.

     The race basket without question can pick your best racers but in the case of breeders it can be a different story.    Yes....... Top racers can be excellent breeders but not always. In many cases the brother or the sister to the racer may indeed be the top breeder.  Realizing these facts as being true I went to work over a Ten year period to come up with a system that can in fact pick out the best breeders each and every time.  The reason this system works so well is we use all the tools that really count. It is a big mistake to place too much importance on any one given tool.  For example their are several world wide eye specialists.  But in every case study their over all racing records and they come up short each and every time. Steve Sterchi of Sacramento was told to get rid of all his birds because they were no good from one such grader. A couple of years later after following my suggestions Steve has climbed to the top with these same birds crossed on to the Bieche Birds. In 2008 Y/B's he recorded the 2nd best AU Race Results of all America. Another well known eye sign man moved in from Australia and said he was going to dominate the big money boys of the Los Angeles area. He lasted a few years with just average results. Eyes do have a place in grading and if used properly are a excellent tool. Yes I too love to see a great eye but it is only one of 6 Tools.

Listed are My 6 Common Denominators:

  •     No.1 Eye total

  •     No.2 Throat

  •     No.3 Character

  •     No.4 Balance and Buoyancy

  •     No.5 Skeleton

  •     No.6 Feather

     Using my 6 Common Denominators I have hardly ever seen a perfect pigeon. Remember if you think you have a loft full of perfect pigeons than their is no way to go except down. I am always looking for strengths and weaknesses. Using this system gives the breeder a complete report card on each and every pigeon's strengths and weaknesses. Used properly I have than pre-mated every possible matting combination in your loft at no extra cost.  These 6 Tools as I like to call them will pick the best breeder in your loft ea. and every time.

Pigeons are graded in all parts of the World. 

$4.00 U.S Dollars each. At our Home

Out of town requests by appointment only.  $450. per day plus expenses.

     Seminars throughout the U.S by appointment only.  $1.00 dollar for every bird graded goes to either the host club or to the California Pigeon Flyers Scholarship Fund.

For more information please call  
Cell phone: 707 410-6604 or E-mail:


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