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Herb Brunkholz  

Alex... After using your Bieche Y/B system in my 3rd season, I can  truly say I am impressed. I went from having one pigeon  in the top 20% in 2012 to having numerous top 20% finishes and better this year.  Also I won a race taking the first top spots plus a pigeon qualifying for AU Ace pigeon status. I've spent a lot of money on this hobby and your DVD is up at the top of the list of money well spent.


Hi  Mr.  Bieche  , my name is Edward Sandifer I'm from Phoenix Arizona . 5/8/13

I purchase a Bieche hen from a flyer that was moving last spring. This hen bred me three (3) over all winner's in young birds 2012 and was my avg. speed birds on the last race  325 miles in the rain full sisters  on the drop 13 mins in front of my next bird and 27 mins in front of next bird in race  .


Storm Goranson SOC Club of Ca.

From your birds this was my best season in over twenty years.  I am really off the line of flight. To beat the SOC club is realy something with all the good flyers they have.  My top season as well as winning 18th Combine average speed was a Bieche created miracle. Thank you for your very successful breeding efforts over the past thirty years.


Hi Alex,


Joe here from Korea. Just a quick note to let you know that your Bieche Young Bird System that I started with in Korea last year had

tremendous results for me. I took all of the money positions in both major futurity races. The system you developed is terrific and as

a bonus is simple and easy to implement.


 Bill Tadlock has now won over $225,000 in the Big money races . All down from his Bieche Schellens 6060 hen. Bill says " She has bred winners with every cock I have but her with and is a once in a lifetime hen. I have purchased birds from all the top breeders and without question she is the very best.


1st and 2nd over all 2009 Nr. Ca. Classic 400m Race both birds bred down from Bieche birds 1st place winner bred by Albert Quejado  2nd Place winner bred by Sam Medeiros. Both 1sr & 2nd over all winners clocked in two different  loft locations .


Bill Hill    Texas 

          Bill has been flying birds since 1954. In the last 2 years using our Bieche Y/B system he has recorded better results than ever before.    In 08 Y/B's alone he had the 2nd and 16th Hall of fame pigeon of all America plus the No.7 Ace pigeon of all America .


Sam Medeiros  Petaluma Ca.

Sam bred the 2009 No.1 Ace pigeon in the Bay City Combine  Plus 2008 Y/B No. 1 Nr.Ca. Combine Winner. From this pair over $15,000 of winners in just two years. 

 With the added Ace pigeons this year this makes 24 No.1 Ace Pigeons in total and  9 No.1 Ace Pigeons of all America. bred down from our foundation cock " De Baron "

Is there any cock in America that is responsible for so many No.1 Ace pigeons? We personally do not know of any. 


Steve Sterchi Ca.

2nd Best AU Loft of All America 2008 -2009 flying about 80% birds bred down from our Bieche birds.  Plus 1st in the 2008 Ca. State One Loft Race.


Down from our Bieche Family Bill bred the 2007 Truck race winner plus the San Diego Team Breeders Cup Winner.  e 1st Vegas Race plus 1st drop Ca. State Race.

Bill Hatcher  Oklahoma


Gene Tenbrink  Ca.

 Bred and Raced the No.1 2007 Ace AU Pigeon of All America Bred from a direct Daughter of our " Bold Ruler " Janssen.  Plus won 1st in the 400m San Diego Mega Race with few day birds and was also the only breeder to have 2 birds in the money in the 400m Breeders Cup Race.

Down from the Peter van Osch Janssens. 


Leo Landry

 From  Ma. Flying in the New England Open and the Greater Boston Concourse. 2006 & 2007 O/B's      2nd  600 New England Open Race  1163 p   7th 400m   1119 p  5th  500m   1113 p  Plus 1-2 Greater Boston Concourse  and e 1st Boston Band Race  Winners all down from our Janssen " Bold Ruler " blended with his Noble birds.


Vic Corso

From Louisiana Wins 7x 1st over all Combines in 2006 Y/B's All with Bieche birds. One race alone he took the first 14 places in the combine starting out with No.1    13 of the 14 birds were all Bieche Birds.  


David Fenn  from  CT. 5-16-06  

Your Bieche birds have scored for me every year. 03 Bieche 3164 Won 1st over all Comb. for the second time. He was also the the No.1 Ace pigeon as a yearling for me.


Larry Johnson    Dominates The 2005  Southeastern Open Race

Lofts from Nr. and South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana all participate in this race. Larry from Louisiana had a race of a lifetime having 4 birds on the drop from 530 miles. Winning  1-2-3 and 5th over all from 592 birds and 72 lofts. The 1st and 3rd place winners  arriving together were from the same pair. Bred from 95 Bieche 182 Verbruggen Cock matted to a Marcel Sangers  Janssen Import hen Larry purchased from Marcel back in 1999.


Bob Cooper of Missouri          3-4-06

Bred 26 First from 4 Bieche Stock birds. One Hen alone 02 Bieche 2172 bred 11 First. She is a daughter of our Marcel Sangers Janssen Import " Golden Nugget " Bob has done so well with our birds that 90% of Bob's Birds are now Bieche Blood Line


Bill Nesler  California

Top American Race Record Ever !

     In 25 years of racing we have never heard of a better race record than Bill Nesler's 0961 cock.  This once in a lifetime cock was sent 10 weeks straight winning 7 out of 10 club races. 3 times First over all comb. up to 1300 pigeons. And yes it even gets better. In the last 600m race he was the only day bird.  0961 Sire  is down from the Devriendt San Jose Hen Dam:  daughter of our famous Verbruggen Fighter cock.


Dave Salopek  Novato Ca.  6-18-00

     In 1995 after getting re-started in the sport I came to you for some breeders. Straight from the start the youngster from them have come to the top winning several races the first year. The second year we won the No.1 Ace pigeon award in the entire comb. Several flyers thought that when the longer races started it would be all over for us. Surprise ! Surprise !   They just kept on winning. Last week a Verbruggen bred from your stock won our new 600 mile station. All the flyers in our club at this point want to know what these birds are and were did they come from.


LIoyd Glieden  Bay Area  Ca.  6-7-00

We fly under the Name Team Glieden { Father and Son Team } in the Bay City Combine Approx. 150 members. The Verbruggen's we purchased from you in 1997 have made a great impact in our loft. Last week we won 1st and 2nd in our club with nest mates bred from a Son of your Fighter Cock. Same birds Won 1st and 5th Over All comb. 1333 p. Of interest is that our 3rd bird was also a Gr. daughter of the Fighter Cock.  The season is not over and we have already won 3 over all combines. The Verbruggens have shinned in a land of mostly Janssen's.


Mike Wilson   9-21-99 New Louisiana Flyer

Last week flying my second race I was 2nd and 3rd. over all combine with one of your kit birds.  This week I won the hole thing.  1-2-3 combine about 600 pigeons . Three birds on the drop again 2 of them were yours including the winner. You said they would get the job done but this is really a eye opener. If the parents to these birds are for sale please let me know.


John Pfeiffer   Canada   09-04-99

I purchased a couple of birds down from your Verbruggens at your San Francisco  Auction. The following year they bred my over all Comb. winner close to 2000p. This year 99 Y/B's I have already won 2 club races both down from your birds. One was also a over all comb. winner close to 2000p.


Tom  Hook   9-2-99

Last year 98 O/B's I won 3 club races with the same bird. The Vanhoutte x Verbruggen cock I purchased from you is with out question one of the best breeders I have ever owned. I have placed them in other lofts and they have come to the top every time. I don't normally buy more of the same but in this case put me down for two more.      Your friend Tom.

Up-Date 2003:

 Tom has recorded 17 over all Bay City Combine winners up to 1700p all down from our Bieche " De Baron " Blood Line.


Mike Hines  South Dakota  8-21-99

This summer I bought a 6 bird kit from you. I lost 3 birds from the start mainly from my own mistakes. However, last week I raced my very first race. Of 360 birds: I entered 12 birds and won the first 11 prizes. Five birds on the first drop and the three from you were all their. Your 99 Bie 9272 won the race.  Boy this is fun! Thanks for the great birds and your advice.

Up-date  99:

Our Bieche bird went on to win 2001 First o/b Club Ace pigeon  2002  First Club and Combine Ace pigeon. Now a AU registered Champion.


Jerry Yates

I purchased over $40,000 of breeding stock from  top breeders of American including Super 73 Line, Mulucci, Hackemer and Noble Brothers. After trying them all my No.1 Ace pigeon of Nr. Utah Combine 98 Y/B's was bred down from your Verbruggen  " De Gommaire " cock.


Steve Sterchi   Sacramento  Ca.  12-8-96

Flying in our Sacramento combine with approx. 700 to 800 pigeons per week. I want to personally thank you for the quality stock I purchased from you. All five birds bred diploma pigeons for me the first year. The son of "De Gommaire" bred 2 over all combine winners himself. Plus one more that was 2nd combine by 7 seconds. Another one of your cocks down from your " Blue Kadet " bred a 1st over all combine winner and that was even after he staid out for over 10 minutes. This same cock again won 1st. comb. as a yearling. Purchasing your stock and grading my pigeons with your Common Denominator grading system has made all the difference in the world.

1999  up-date:

Steve Bred  6 over all Comb. winners this year in Y/B's alone    ALL 6 winners were bred down from our " De Gommaire " Cock


Joe D'Amato  Brooklyn  NY

Hi Alex .....I want to let you know that since I started flying your birds I won 7 average speeds in my club.  The 2090 Hen you sent me won over $12,000 herself. The  cock 0514 won at lest $2,500

P.S. I put 52 birds in the Viola race and sent birds from the best flyers in the country. 2090 and 0514  were again my first birds home. I took $7,000 home that day alone.


Charles Culpepper     Louisiana

     The birds you have sent to our area have had no less than breathtaking results. Every year I have scored with them. In 97 Y/B's I won Champion loft in our Combine. The Van Loon x Verbruggen you sent me Won 1st Ace Pigeon Club and Combine also 6th Ace pigeon of All America . In our Combine he was over 300 points ahead of the next place bird. Again this year  98 my first bird in our LA classic race was from you. He won 3rd over all with most of the pool money. As you know the winning bird handled by Mike Mayles in this race was also bred by you.


Richard & Becky Clark   NC.

     Alex we can not tell you enough how proud we are of the birds you sent us and the results. As you know we are new to the sport. We have won the First three races we have ever entered in the club, all with your birds.  Again thanks for the quality of birds you sent us.

Your friend Richard                       Up-Date:

Last year Richard had one of the best I.F.race records in America Winning Top Loft in his class and First and Second Ace pigeon of all America .  His top birds in the last 2 years comes from a Daughter of our Janssen Bold Ruler cock.  Please also see our breeders section on the breeding record of  our Janssen Import Bold Ruler 95 NL 2226645


Mike Mailhes   Louisiana

     Alex... Every year for the last 5 years your birds have taken the top spots in the Louisiana classic race for us. 97 your birds had 3 in the top 10 spots. This year it was even better, we won the Race for you with a full sister of your " My Cindy "  No.1 ace pigeon of America. Your birds in this area have been on top week after week. Our No.1 Ace pigeon LA Comb. 97  Old Birds was from a son of your  " Blue Kadet ". The same year 97 Culpepper won the hall of Fame again with your pigeon. I don't believe this has ever happened before, winning No.1 Ace pigeon in Y/B's and than again in O/B's. What ever you are sending us they are truly getting the job done. 

Up Date..2002:

 Y/B's we sent Mike 2 birds from our new Marcel Sangers Janssens blended with our Schellens stock to see how they would do in Louisiana. After the season Mike sent us the race results and both birds won equal first combine in seperate races. Also the last combine race another flyer won First over all combine. Same bird was 2nd Ace pigeon in the Combine 2002 Y/B's. Both sire and dam bred from our Verbruggens.


Bob DeMello   Freemont Ca.

     After seeing your results in our Bay Area Combine I went to you for my first pigeons. The first year I raced they sure didn't let me down. I won 3 over all Club races with them including 3 over all South Sections. The last race of the year I even Won 1st. over all  Bay City Combine. Some may have thought this was luck but I turned around and won the first 3 club races this  98 O/B season. Your Grading, your birds along with your young bird system are tops in my book. 


 5 years after purchasing our birds Bob like other flyers tried several other top name brand birds. He has just informed us that  his top birds today are still the Bieche Verbruggen / Schellens we sold him when he first got started. They have won him over $15,000 in the one loft races alone.



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